Why translations?

Let’s be up front with one another, Dear Reader. One of the major factors compelling me to translate parts of this blog is my desire to build a worldwide readership. We are entering an age where Asian countries are once again going to be major social, economic, political, and cultural world forces. Ergo, I want my work to be accessible to readers there. Also, because I am a child of the western hemisphere, I cannot ignore the fact that Spanish is the dominant language of neighboring countries and is of growing significance in my own country.

Granted, I have no idea who my readership is or will be, but narrowing my market down to “educated adult Anglo Saxon women who read speculative fiction in English” seems foolishly limiting. I’d like to cast my net a bit wider and avoid missing readers whenever possible. Overcoming language barriers between me and the majority of people on this planet seems like one place to start. As the criminal Slick Willie Sutton reportedly said when asked why he robbed banks, “…because that’s where the money is.”

Even if my plans for worldwide readership fail, there’s another reason why I’m including some translations. We all know that languages reveal unique perspectives on the world through their structures, idioms, etc. I like that. I like the fact that we do not see things in the same way. More importantly, I think it is important to our future survival as a species that we preserve our linguistic diversity as well as our biodiversity. Different languages allow us different ways of thinking and that means different approaches to problem solving. We have a lot of problems to solve and more on the way. Let’s not reduce our world and ourselves to one language.

That is why, Dear Reader, I will make all attempts to share my work in English, Hindi, Mandarin and Spanish. These languages are my priorities. I do not intend to be a language imperialist, although I may be one. I have already figured out that translating stories or even blog posts is not easy, so this will be a work in progress. Tell me if you are reading in other languages, and I will explore what I can do to bring you those translations. Also, if you are a translator and are interested in taking up this challenge (remunerated of course), do let me know.


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