Australian horror anthology features illustrations

In the course of websurfing to find examples of the rare illustrated novel, which I’ve discussed in earlier posts, I came across Horror Australis, a new undertaking by Steve Proposch, Bryce Stevens and Christopher Sequeira. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu cosmology, CTHULHU: DEEP DOWN UNDER is a horror anthology composed of 24 pieces of prose by 24 established Australian genre fiction writers and 24 amazing artists. The team at Horror Australis promises it will astound, horrify, amuse and delight you. And, as this post is going out, there are still a few hours left in their crowdfunding effort, so check it out (and the pledge perks). Here’s wishing them the best of luck in producing this illustrated anthology and advancing the cause of illustrated speculative fiction!



One thought on “Australian horror anthology features illustrations

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