A big thank you to the first 50 followers

Seven months ago, I started this blog because I was tired of talking to myself while writing (and it was getting embarrassing). Also, I wanted to see if I could find readers for my short stories; and to impose the pressure of public exposure on my writerly self. More or less, I’ve posted twice a week, despite the fact that I willfully ignore all good advice and rarely plan posts in advance. There are now a goodly number of reviews of speculative fiction, and writing advice, and posts about illustrated fiction and language, among other topics.

It’s going pretty well. While researching topics and reviewing stories, I’ve connected with good readers and writers in this space and in others. I’ve garnered the support of collaborators who have made this blog a better place because of their insights, especially those who are translating posts and short stories for me. And, last but not least, I’ve found 50 readers who are actually following this blog!

Dear First 50, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am so glad you are following Imagined Worlds, but I’m not always sure why you do it. Feel free to let me know what compelled you to follow by commenting on this post or sending a message via the contact page.

More to come,




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