2025 according to _____? An exercise in describing the near future

flag2025Writing prompt: It’s 2025, and we’ve had two terms of ___________ (choose any current presidential candidate) as President of the United States. Based on what that candidate is actually saying in the media or at any event, pole or survey, what will the near future look like? Would you or I want to live in that 2025? How do you feel about your candidates methods of dealing with challenging issues in 2025?

I’m choosing 2025 as the target year for this activity, because the trend lines for the next decade help narrow down some key issues, and I am assuming each candidate wins two consecutive terms, thus being highly influential during 8 of the 10 years.

This will be fun if you contribute your best speculative fiction ideas about the future and don’t go only for the cheap cynicism. Although, speaking for myself, I don’t expect cynicism to be completely avoided. If you want to write more broadly, feel free to sketch out what the world will look like after 10 years with any one of these people at the helm of the United States.

You can submit ideas any time into the comments section here, but I will also set up posts for each of the candidates soon. And, I’ll tweet (and so can you) by the hashtag #SciFiAmerica2025.



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