Enjoying the monsoon

Against all good judgement I am currently traveling in south and southeast Asia during monsoon. The rain is delightful, but I feel I am stuck in a bamboo steamer in between the rains. Family events and friends have kept my husband and I busy, hence the long break since the last post, but I have been reading all along the way.

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky is great! I picked it up after I saw it among the Arthur C. Clarke Award nominees. Look for a longer review when I get home. The story covers millennia, and it passes two different storylines back and forth like a baton as events unfold. One of the stories revolves around humans traveling across unimaginable distances of space, which is made possible by deep sleep in freezers. Even though I would hate to miss the journey, it is an appealing idea after a nine-hour bus ride across Cambodia.

Update: I just realized a certain Peace Corps worker, a.k.a. my daughter, made off with my copy of Children of Time when she returned to her village in southern Cambodia so I will be ordering a new copy so I can write a decent review!


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