The first Ray Bradbury Day is today!

I hereby proclaim today, August 22nd 2016, to be the first Ray Bradbury Day, which shall be celebrated every year as a tribute to this great American writer and also to the idea, dramatized in Fahrenheit 451, that books and stories are important. There are many reasons to celebrate writing of all kinds, but, at the heart of it, the importance of books rests on the fact that they record and bear witness to human civilization, especially the imagined worlds that exceed our reality. No book can ever really be destroyed so long as we cherish and remember the stories within.

A piece of the first chapter in Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente is my choice for presentation this year. It’s one of my favorite books and beautifully written.

For more on what inspired this exercise and how you can join in, check out my post here. We’re using #RayDay on Twitter. If you decide to celebrate Ray Bradbury Day, please send me a link to your presentation.


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