Yes, this blog is still functioning and I’m still alive


This is me in front of the house I’m building in Missouri. The plan is to have a summer place where I can visit my family, tend the garden and my bees, and WRITE! It’s coming along quite nicely.

Hello, Dear Readers. Have you missed me? My apologies for not posting regularly. I’ve been editing instead. The WIP is going fairly well. I now have eight chapters I have actually shared with kind readers. Every day I become just a scintilla more convinced that it is worth reading, it is a real story, and it will one day be a real book.

Most of the writing is done. I have left the magical forest full of ideas and thoughts that appear like vines and brooks and hidden castles and witches huts, and now I am in that hard, high plain called editing. Every word needs to be sharp and right. Every sentence needs to connect to the sentences before and after. Paragraphs shall be purposeful, else I lose my way. And I don’t want to lose my way now. It feels like a perilously narrow path, and a tricky one, too.

Truth be told, I think I might be caught in an editing loop. There’s nothing like the fear of a reader looking at your writing the first time, to make one madly edit and re-edit chapters you had begun to take for granted.

I’m also looking for new reading material. I was very disappointed with the last three novels I picked up this fall. All of them well-rated in various venues, but they felt lifeless and/or poorly written. Send me suggestions. I love to have a good pile of reading set up before Christmas to take me into the quiet depths of winter.