Here you’ll find reviews of fiction that is shaping our future as well as discussions of the future that’s shaping our fiction. There will be interviews with talented people who are translating and illustrating great writing, some unsolicited opinions on the state of humanity and updates on my work. Best of all, you will find FREE STORIES! I look forward to meeting you here, Dear Readers, and learning more about what you enjoy reading.

Who is L.A. Barnitz?

I’m a recovering policy analyst currently in the middle of writing my first novel. I like action-filled stories driven by characters I either care deeply about or want to see die. E-books are fine, but every good story should be illustrated, translated, animated, recorded, filmed and printed, and no one should waste time trying to figure out if it’s literature or not.

Select History

Raised on a farm in Missouri. Graduated from an honorable land grant university. Studied in India and had great adventures. Attended an east coast private university, stopped writing and graduated with a completely useless masters degree. Married. Lived in the Washington, DC, area for years while rearing children and worked for a variety of nonprofits while the husband worked for the man. Moved to New Delhi and resumed writing fiction. Crossed the seas again and returned to the United States recently. More to come.