Below are some wonderfully talented people who illustrate, translate, record or otherwise promote works of speculative fiction.


Zelde Grimm: I’m a freelance illustrator living in Burlington, Vermont. I’ve worked with clients both in and out of the state to create unique, detailed and whimsical drawings for various applications. I am very friendly and dedicated to working with my clients to find that elusive ‘perfect image’ while always striving for quality and punctuality.

Wen Hsu is an illustrator who draws inspiration from everything and anything, but perhaps most from the fact that she was born into a Chinese family and raised in Costa Rica. Her work reflects the amalgam of these deeply rich cultures, as well as a genuine openness to other ethnical world visions and her sincere appreciation for nature. 


Daniela Toulemonde: I am a French and Colombian student majoring in English for translation and teaching. My passion, other than languages, is fantasy literature and I hope to publish my own book in different languages. I want to acquire as much experience translating between French, English and Spanish as possible. If you need a translation, you can contact me here:

Soy estudiante franco-colombiana de inglés para traducción y enseñanza. Mi pasión es la literatura de fantasía y espero algún día publicar mi propio libro en diferentes lenguas. Quiero adquirir toda la experiencia posible en traducción para aprender cada vez más en inglés, francés y español. Si necesitan una traducción, pueden contactarme al mail siguiente:

Asha Sablok is the daughter of an army man and had the chance to live in many different places while growing up. She currently lives in Delhi, India, and speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati. Asha has a Masters Degree in English and in Hindi and has been teaching Hindi to the expat community of Delhi for the last 20 years. Teaching Hindi, travelling and making friends all over the world  is her passion.

आशा सबलोक पिता सेना में थे तो बचपन में कई राज्यों व् शहरों में रहने का अवसर मिला आजकल दिल्ली में रहती है  हिंदी अंग्रेज़ी गुजराती और पंजाबी भाषाएँ जानती  है  अंग्रेज़ी व् हिन्दी में स्नातकोतर  डिग्री पिछले बीस वर्षों से दिल्ली में विदेशी नागरिकों को हिन्दी पढ़ाने  का कार्य कर रही हैं  हिन्दी पढ़ाना,  देश विदेश की यात्रा करना और लोगों से मिलना व मित्र बनाना ख़ास पसंद है

Alexa Welch is an American, born and raised in New Mexico. She studied Chinese at Loyola University Chicago, where she got the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing, China. Now, she lives in Taipei, Taiwan, helping hardworking adults improve their English at Le Monde Taipei Language Center.

愛麗莎來自美國。 在新墨西哥州出生長大。 她念了大學在羅由拉大學芝加哥的時候開始學中文。 她也在北京念過書。 現在她住在台北。 在Le Monde Taipei語言世界幫幫大人繼續提高英文水平。


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