Illustrated version of Elantris published for 10th anniversary

Endpaper illustration in the 10th anniversary edition of Elantris

Endpaper illustration in the 10th anniversary edition of Elantris

The award-winning and much-loved epic fantasy novel Elantris has been taken to a whole new level of wonderfulness. Author Brandon Sanderson has announced that a 10th anniversary edition, illustrated and leather bound, is now available in his store and few select stores around the USA.

As a fan of illustrated novels, I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Sure the price tag is steep, and I certainly won’t be buying a copy soon, but it doesn’t matter. I have faith that there are sufficient numbers of people who will buy the novel because they have the money to do so and because it is a classic piece of fiction that deserves to be produced in a form that endures.

In this new edition, Sanderson has also included Michael Whelan’s painting “Passage: Verge”, which the author credits as the original inspiration to write Elantris. Isaac Stewart has provided some map work in the new edition, but I am not sure whether other illustrators are included.

Illustrated version of “Sania and the Bee” now available!


I am so pleased to announce that I have a new, illustrated version of “Sania and the Bee” on the Free Stories page (click the English link). This endeavor was part experiment for the writer turned publisher, and part labor of love to satisfy my conviction that more fiction should be illustrated, even if the work is aimed at adult audiences–although this allegorical tale is intended for pre-teens and older youth.

The story was inspired by real events reported at the beginning of the war in Syria. Sadly, the war is still going on, and things are not getting better. I cannot even begin to understand their suffering, but anyone who cares to pay attention can see that every day the Syrian people are fighting indiscriminate bombings, hunger, and violent extremism in addition to the mind-numbing grief of losing loved ones and seeing their country destroyed. It is no wonder that we see the millions of people on the move now. Continue reading

Mini profile of illustrator Zelde Grimm

A sketch by Zelde Grimm for "Sania and the Bee".

A sketch by Zelde Grimm for the short story “Sania and the Bee”.

Note: Zelde Grimm is illustrating “Sania and the Bee.” I saw her work at Hire an Illustrator and had a feeling that she was the one for this story. This is the first time she has illustrated another author’s story, and it’s only the second time I’ve worked with an illustrator, so this is an experiment for both of us.   

Tell me a little about how you became an illustrator. Or do you prefer the term artist?

I have alway been an artist, I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon but it was only recently I began to call myself an illustrator. I have tried over the years to make a living from my art but selling fine art is a big hustle that I found to be exhausting. A few years ago I gave up entirely and got a job working as a cobbler. It was really terrific work and I really enjoyed learning the trade, but my boss was not the nicest man, and my art was definitely suffering from a lack of time and energy. I used to think that the only way I would be able to make a living as an artist would be to learn the Adobe Creative Suite and become a graphic designer, but it really isn’t my thing. Nothing is more rewarding for me than sitting with a pen and paper and creating something new and exciting. The day I realized it was actually possible for me to make a living drawing pictures it was as if a light turned on and I could suddenly see all the possibilities of doing the thing I love every day.

What kinds of work are you doing now?

As of now I’m working on “Sania and the Bee” (of course), two albums and a long term project designing imagery that will be etched on cutting boards. Continue reading