The inspiration for “Sania and the Bee”

Several months ago I heard a story on PRI’s The World about lovers who met in the midst of the Syria’s Civil War, and it really got to me. I am a sucker for stories of courage and risk, so I sat down later the same day and made some notes. Those notes eventually turned into “Saina and the Bee”, which you can download here for free. It’s certainly no solution to the war, but it’s dedicated to the youth of Syria, who surely need all the help we can give them to deal with the real monsters of this world. It’s also a tribute to radio, which carries the news of this world like the bee in the story.

Thank you, Dalia Mortada and the producers of The World, for covering such an important issue of our times.

For more on the courageous in real life, see the White Helmets in action.